The Feide R&D Translation Portal is closed

This page is in place just to let you know that the translation portal has been closed, and therefore can no longer be used to translate our software projects.

If you came here willing to help with the translation of SimpleSAMLphp, we are evaluating better alternatives for that than this portal. Meanwhile, you can contribute by submitting a pull request to our development repository. For that, you will need to:

  1. Open an account in, in case you don't have it yet.
  2. Fork SimpleSAMLphp.
  3. Clone your fork to your disk with a git client.
  4. Edit the translation files with your contributions.
    • They are located in the dictionaries directory.
    • Translations are divided in different namespaces. Each namespace has a couple of files, one for the definitions of the texts, and another for their respective translations. Every language should be placed in the translations file. So, for all messages related to the administrative interface, we have the two following files:
      • dictionaries/admin.definition.json
      • dictionaries/admin.translation.json
    • All the translation files are JSON-encoded. This means they follow JSON structure. Make sure the file is valid JSON after your changes.
    • Commit your changes with a descriptive change of what you did, i.e. updated german translations.
    • Push your commit (or commits, it's ok to do more than one) to your fork .
    • Go to github and navigate to your repository. Click the button to create a pull request.
    • We will handle your submission as fast as we can in order to include your contributions into SimpleSAMLphp.

You may want to take a look at this tutorial if you are new to git or github.


Here you have a list of projects formerly hosted here, with pointers to their websites where you can find more information about them.


You can use the syntax checker to verify that your JSON files are valid before submitting them.